Little Joe


Little Joe is a portrait of Joe Dallesandro, Andy Warhol’s Superstar; his persona and iconic gender-defying images reverberated through society. He was the “Little Joe” of Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”, the crotch on the Rolling Stone’s “Sticky Fingers” album cover, his fame long exceeding Warhol’s proverbial “15 minutes.”

Little Joe - Documentary, Little Joe Productions LLC., 90 min.
Numerous international festivals including: Berlin, Seattle, Melbourne, San Paulo, sold out Castro theater at Frameline, National Portrait Gallery London etc.

“Fascinating documentary” - The Hollywood Reporter
“wonderful... the surprise hit of the Berlin Film Festival” - Glenn O’Brien - Interview Magazine “Fantastic, illuminating...very highly recommended” - San Francisco Bay Times
“illuminating insider’s look at the Warhol phenomenon.” - Australian Film Review
“Fascinating...a must-see for film buffs..” - Australian Film Critics Association

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