Nicole Haeusser’s award-winning films have screened at Berlin, Melbourne and numerous other international festivals throughout the world. Her work has also been shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London, on Showtime and the Sundance Channel.

A German native, Haeusser received her BSc and MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Following her graduation she was a production coordinator for Reuters News and on independent films in London. Haeusser became a camera operator for a German TV series shooting in Spain and later worked as a Cinematographer in London before relocating to the United States to pursue her film studies.

A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television with an MFA in Directing and Cinematography, her films earned a Student Emmy (the College Television Award) for Best Drama, the Directors Guild of America Best Student Filmmaker Award, the Alfred P. Sloan Directing Fellowship and the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fellowship among others. She was also featured in Next Generation, Kodak’s InCamera magazine.

Haeusser’s award winning thesis film The Death Strip, about a family escaping from East Berlin during the Cold War, is distributed through Shorts International and available on iTunes. MTVU chose it for Best Film on Campus and called Haeusser’s direction “downright sexy”. MTVU also praised The Death Strip as “phenomenal moviemaking...if we’re all lucky, more will come”

Haeusser’s documentary Little Joe, about the life and times of Andy Warhol’s superstar Joe Dallesandro, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and was reviewed internationally to critical acclaim. The film garnered accolades from Rolling Stone, Interview Magazine, and The Hollywood Reporter. The Australian Film Review called the film a “fascinating glimpse and illuminating insider’s look at the Warhol phenom.”

Haeusser then took some time off to start her family and to focus on her writing. She completed two feature scripts, one of which is expanding on her thesis The Death Strip. The other, Lost Children tells the story of two children, separated from their mother, fleeing from the Russian troops at the end of WWII.


Student Emmy - College Television Awards – Winner Best Drama
Directors Guild of America – Winner Best Student Filmmaker Award
International Cinematographers Guild – Emerging Cinematographers Award
Alfred P. Sloan Directing Fellowship
MTVU’s Best Film on Campus
Outstanding Student Film - Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors
Technicolor Thesis Award
Motion Picture of America Award among others

Little Joe - Documentary, Little Joe Productions LLC., 90 min.
Numerous international festivals including: Berlin, Seattle, Melbourne, San Paulo, sold out Castro theater at Frameline, National Portrait Gallery London etc.

“Fascinating documentary” - The Hollywood Reporter
“wonderful... the surprise hit of the Berlin Film Festival” - Glenn O’Brien - Interview Magazine “Fantastic, illuminating...very highly recommended” - San Francisco Bay Times
“illuminating insider’s look at the Warhol phenomenon.” - Australian Film Review
“Fascinating...a must-see for film buffs..” - Australian Film Critics Association

The Death Strip - Super35mm thesis short film
Numerous international festivals incl.: Palm Springs Int. ShortFest, Mill Valley , Raindance , LA Shorts Fest, AFI Sloan Summit,: Screened on Sundance Channel Distribution through Shorts International on ShortsTV and iTunes Worldwide

“Absorbing short...Fantastic performances make this a must-see.” - Los Angeles Journal

“Haeusser’s direction is downright sexy....Reminiscent of The Lives of Others’s the little touches that make her direction so remarkable...phenomenal moviemaking.
if we’re all lucky, more will come.” - Ben Raymond - MTVU